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The Route

The Route will be marked in miles and the course is a down and up multi-surface one lap loop. Start at the arena in Telford Town Park, then head through the Town Park and down the Silkin Way, run past Blists Hill Museum and Coalport China Museum into the Severn Gorge. You follow the old Severn Valley railway line past Maws craft centre and the Tile Works/Museum. Cross over the world's first Iron Bridge into Ironbridge itself, then run through Coalbrookdale and Rough Park back up onto the Silkin Way to the arena.

Mile 1 – Leave the Town Park arena and head towards rugby club, follow a small loop in the town park

Mile 2 – Onto the Silkin Way

Mile 3 – Continuing along the Silkin Way joining onto Legges Way

Mile 4 – Past the Blists Hill Museum continuing on the Silkin Way

Mile 5 – Coalport China Museum and crossing Coalport Bridge

Mile 6 – Across other side of the River Severn on Salthouse Road

Mile 7 – Passing Jackfield Tile Museum

Mile 8 – Across the famous Ironbridge and passing the Ironbridge Gorge Museum

Mile 9 – Through Station Road, Coach Road and Darby Road

Mile 10 – Through Rough Park and past the Balancing Lakes

Mile 11 – Heading towards the Silkin Way

Mile 12 – Along the Silkin Way

Mile 13 – Back into the Arena

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